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The mission of Business Medical Services Bureau is to provide service to the community, satisfaction to our customers, vendors, and employees, and growth in value for our shareholders.


We're built to last. Founded in 1964 as the "Summit County Medical Services Bureau," the Bureau was initially created to fill a need expressed by Medical Society members - telephone answering service. While this remains the core of the Bureau's business today, many other services have been added, including billing services, professional records management (Medical Record Storage/Retrieval and Shredding Services), and full-service printing.


Peggy Mountcastle, the daughter-in-law of one of the original shareholders Sid Mountcastle, is a CPA and the Bureau's executive director. "When the Bureau was first created, the goal was to provide services for doctors," she said. "In the past few years we've branched out and now offer business services to commercial entities outside, as well as within the realm of healthcare. That's why we changed our trade name from 'Medical Services Bureau' to 'Business Medical Services Bureau.'"

Top Row (Left to Right):

Michael Waickman, M.D. - Vice President, Director

Irwin R. Reisberg, M.D., FACG - Director

Mr. George Mountcastle - Director


Bottom Row (Left to Right):

Mr. Bruce Rowland - President, Director

Herbert E. Croft, M.D. - Director


Not Pictured:

Mrs. Rosemary Stanley - Director Emeritus



Peggy Mountcastle, CPA

Transfer Agent


About Peggy M.

Lynn Garrett, EVP of Operations / Secretary

Answering Service Department Manager, and Human Resources Manager


About Lynn G.

Melissa Farmer

Answering Service Department Assistant Manager


About Melissa F.

Lisa Hunter, EVP of Finance / Treasurer

Printing & Medical Records Department Manager


About Lisa H.

George Mountcastle

Tech Support


About George M.

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