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Our Mission


The mission of the Business Medical Services Bureau is to provide service to the community, satisfaction to our customers, vendors, and employees, and growth in value for our shareholders.

We're built to last. Founded in 1964 as the "Summit County Medical Services Bureau," the Bureau was initially created to fill a need expressed by Medical Society members - telephone answering service. While this remains the core of the Bureau's business today, many other services have been added, including total billing and collections services, professional records management, full-service printing and meeting/banquet services.

Peggy Mountcastle, the daughter-in-law of one of the original share holders Sid Mountcastle, is a CPA and the Bureau's new executive director. "When the Bureau was first created, the goal was to provide services for doctors," she said. "In the past few years, we've branched out and now offer business services to commercial entities outside, as well as within, the realm of healthcare. That's why we changed out trade name from 'Medical Services Bureau' to 'Business Medical Services Bureau.'"

Professional Services


Billing - Accounts receivable management, collection of aged accounts and electronic entry of Medicare, Medicaid and other third-party insurance claims have become the Bureau's fastest growth areas. Clients have now been established in 68 counties throughout Ohio and the five surrounding states.

Communication Center - The Bureau's professionally trained telephone operators handle over 100,000 calls per month 24 / 7 utilizing highly sophisticated, computerized equipment which was purchased in 2005. Permanent records of all calls are kept and messages are relayed via digital or alphanumeric pagers, phone or e-mail - whatever the client prefers, Pager service and on-call management services are also offered.

Printing - The Bureau's print shop boasts all new full-color printing technology to provide solutions for almost all printing needs, including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, customized forms, newsletters, flyers, directories and handbooks. The print shop can provide creative services, or it can work from the client's camera ready copy.

Professional Records Management - The records are stored in an appropriate manner for each client in our own secure, access-controlled facility on our premises. Three retrieval options are available. Emergency retrieval - charts are delivered within one hour. Rush retrieval - charts are delivered within 24 - 36 hours. Basic retrieval - charts are delivered every Friday. More than 500,000 inactive patient records are being stored - all in compliance with HIPAA patient privacy requirements. Document scanning and shredding is also available.


Medical Services Bureau, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Answering Service in Akron, OH